OSA Fall Basketball Academies

There is no better way to improve your skills than by attending OSA Academies! These sessions are intended for players who are seriously looking to improve their skill level.


Ball Handling Academy (Mondays): Players focus on various ways to greatly improve their ball handling skills, court vision, and decision making. Players will spend time working on stationary ball handling moves, two ball dribbling drills, the "attack the point" series, and will learn and improve upon a wide range of ball handling moves!

Scoring Academy (Tuesdays): Players will shoot 500 shots per session over a four-week period. Players will focus on proper mechanics, shooting off of the pass, shooting off of the dribble, and other various scoring moves. Athletes can greatly expect to improve their ability to both shoot and score!

Organized Play (Thursdays): Players will focus on live play and incorporating skills learned in School of Ball Handling and Scoring Academy into live play. Players will focus on screening, cutting, and overall game concepts. Not able to attend School of Ball Handling or Scoring Academy? No Problem as we will touch on the these at the beginning of each Thursday night session. A great way to maintain and sharpen your skills heading into the season!

Saturday School at OSA: School of Ball Handling, Scoring, and Organized Play academies combined into one Saturday morning session! Players will spend 30 minutes each on ball handling, scoring, and organized play each week for six weeks!

Pre K - 2nd Grade Basketball Clinics : It's never too early to get started playing the "right way". Participants will learn age appropriate skills focusing on scoring, dribbling, catching and receiving. Each session will end with live play and contests. Young athletes will have fun playing and learning!