Upcoming Important Dates (rev 10-21)

School's Out SPECIALTY CLINICS - Dec 29 and 30, 2014

Registration Open for OSA Select and Elkhorn Attack/Elite Players Only until Nov. 17th (rates discounted)



Weekly Practice Schedule (begins Monday, September 29th):

Tryouts for the OSA Select Fall/Winter Program were held in March, however we do have a few openings in some grade levels.  If you would like more information on the OSA Fall/Winter Select Program, please contact:

BOYS PROGRAM - Charles Thompson at charles.thompson@omahasportsacademy.com or call 402-504-1222, ext 3

GIRLS PROGRAM - Brittany Wilson at brittany.wilson@omahasportsacademy.com or call 402-504-1222, ext 4



Why the OSA Select Basketball Program

Leadership/Coaching: The OSA Select Basketball program is coordinated by Coach Charles Thompson and assisted by Coach Mike Mackie and Coach Brittany Wilson. Bob Franzese, OSA General Manager and long time Omaha basketball coach also is directly involved in the oversight of this program.  The OSA professional leadership is second to none and is committed to working with your child to enable them to be the best that they can be and also to teach them a love and desire for this great game!  Our select coaches are highly qualified and under the direct tutelage of our professional staff. The vast majority of our coaches are returning for the 2013-2014 season. The consistency in our select coaching staff is one of the many areas that will allow your child to benefit and grow from this program. The OSA leadership team meets weekly to bi-weekly to discuss each team and player in our program.  We leave no stone unturned in our goal of helping your athlete be the best he/she can be.

Practices: You can count on OSA practices to be crisp, professionally run, and fun for your child! Frankly, our practices resemble a high school or even collegiate level practice. Practices time will focus on skill development as offensive and defensive team concepts. Players will be pushed both physically and mentally, yet still have fun each time they attend. Our unique practice format allows for each player to focus on five key areas at each practice: scoring, defensive principles, transition, fast break/ball handling, and offensive team principles.  At most practices, one of our professional staff will lead the scoring station or core schematic areas. This allows us to teach a progressive skill set and schemes to everyone in the program.  As we evaluate teams throughout the season, having our professional staff onsite is invaluable, as they can assist coaches in areas we determine which might need some guidance. Most importantly, having our full time professional staff on site to oversee our coaching and practice structure, as well as games, is instrumental for our players to reach their maximum potential.

Games: Our teams will play a competitive schedule consisting of both league and tournament play. We will always challenge our teams and do our absolute best to find them competition levels where they will have a chance to grow. Our coaches realize that games are an extension of practices. Coaches reinforce to players to utilize the different skill sets that they learn during practice. OSA leadership will evaluate each team monthly, and give feedback to the players, coaches and parents.

Summer and Fall Skill Sessions:  Summer and fall skill sessions allow additional opportunities for skill development outside of the traditional season. Once again, we will offer two 4-day camps, six Sunday evening workouts and four early fall work outs.  Players are highly encouraged to attend these sessions.  (Please see the “Important Dates” portion of this brochure for specific dates and times.) We firmly believe that players have a chance to grow as players during the summer months. This season, we will offer the “OSA Summer Challenge” to players, which will consist of an age-specific shooting workout. Players will be rewarded for meeting manageable criteria. We will really have some fun with this and make a big deal out of this, as we want to incentivize our players to work on what they are learning in our summer skills workouts on their own free time! These sessions are invaluable in allowing your athlete to focus on skill development, giving them the ability to succeed.  This, along with our two summer camps and regular season practices is what sets our OSA Select Program above all other programs in the metro.

Process for Selecting Teams: Following completion of the Loyalty Program in February and public tryouts in March, we will have 38 – 50 players in each boy's age group and 18-30 players in each girl's age group. Once the evaluations are completed from summer skill sessions and the Evaluation Camp in August, players will be divided into their respective teams, and those teams will be announced on our website.  Please keep in mind that players will not automatically be placed on the same level of team as this current year, as players will develop differently over the summer. Those who take advantage of our Skill and Camp sessions over the summer will greatly improve and increase their opportunity to make a higher level team than they are currently a part of.   It is in your player's best interest to get the most out of the programs that OSA offers, and it is in the parent's best interest to get the most “bang” for your “buck”.  

Elite Skills Camp Outline: 3rd Grade

Elite Skills Camp Outline: 4th - 8th Grade


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