Omaha Sports Academy's select teams are mostly coached by non-parent, highly qualified head coaches, a player's overall development is priority number one! The few parent coaches are highly qualified and have met all OSA expectations. All of our coaches understand that the objective is to prepare each of our players for the high school level. Our teams will focus on doing everything the right way- as fundamentals are our foundation. 


2013-2014 Fall/Winter Select Basketball Program


2013-2014 Fall/Winter Select ONLINE UNIFORM ORDERS - contact Rachel Blum at 402-504-1222 or


2013-2014 Fall/Winter Practice Schedules (rev 8-1-13; begins Sept 30th)

Leadership/Coaching: The OSA Select Basketball program is coordinated by Charles Thompson and Bob Franzese, OSA General Manager and long time Omaha basketball coach. Our coaches are highly qualified and generally do not have children playing on the team.
Practices: You can count on OSA team practices to be crisp, professionally run, and fun! While games are important, we feel that players are ultimately made on the practice floor. Our staff of highly qualified and trained coaches will take your child's game to the next level! Having our own facility allows us to have a consistent practice schedule. For example this past year, there were numerous occasions where schools were closed and we still practiced.
Open Gym:  When OSA has open court space, all Select players are welcome to come shoot around at no additional fee.