2016 Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championship (CYSBC)

 2016 Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championship

March 4 - 6, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska!






2015 Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championship



 2015 Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championship RESULTS!

3rd - 8th grade boys and girls teams will have the option of registering as Gold, Silver or Bronze Level Teams, and the CYSBC will host state championships for each of these divisions.  All teams that wish to participate in the Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championships must follow the following process:
  • Register your team on our website at www.cornhuskerbballchampionships.com. This process is simple. You will fill out a short questionnaire that asks for team name, coaches name and contact info, and the level of play which you intend to be ranked/participate. 
  • Register to participate in the State Rankings Process, also found on the above website.
  • To Participate in the State Tournament, a team must qualify. To Qualify, a team must either:
1) Participate in either the OSA Winter Predator League plus one qualifying tournament or

2) Participate in two qualifying tournaments.  A list of qualifying events can be found at www.cornhuskerbballchampionships.com
and at the bottom of this email.

Note: Teams from 100 miles outside of Omaha will only need to participate in one qualifier to be eligible for the CYSBT.

For state rankings and for purposes of seeding the state tournament, points will be awarded in the following manner:

- 9 points for a first place finish
- 6 points for a second place finish
- 3 points for a third place finish
- 2 points for any win (this helps makes each game meaningful)
- Teams will also be awarded one point for each tournament they participate in.

Ex.  If a team were to go 3-0 and finish in first place, they would be awarded 9 points for finishing first, 6 points for the three wins (two points per victory) and one participation point – 16 points total.

The more you play the more points you earn!!!  It is important to note that teams will be ranked and seeded based on point totals, not average per event.

The first set of state rankings will be released on Wednesday January 7th.

Rules and all other  information can be found at