The Omaha Sports Academy Summer Program

The OSA Summer Program is made up of three key components; skill development, team practices, and competition. By committing to all three components, one can expect their level of play to increase significantly over the spring and summer.

Team Practices: Teams will practice a minimum (see practice schedule) of twice a week on non tournament weeks. Note: High School teams will not practice in June so we can allow players to focus on their high school teams. All of our coaches are highly qualified and do a great job with their teams. You can expect practices to be crisp, progressive, and a mix of offensive half court, offensive full court, and defensive concepts, and skill development.

Skill Development sessions take place from June 10th thru July 24th on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on the direction of our Elite Skills Training Staff. Sessions are progressive, and extremely intense. Players will focus on intensive offensive skill building and go through high level drills at game speed under the watchful eye of our professional and part time staff. Although these sessions are not mandatory, players are highly encouraged to participate in these sessions. Ball handling, Scoring, Shooting, passing, footwork are some of the key components that we focus on during these sessions.

The competition component is what our players love the most! It ties the skill work outs and team practices together.  Teams will be scheduled in competitive events against like completion. We go to great lengths to place our teams in tournaments where they will be challenged yet have a chance to succeed. 15's, 16's and 17's boys and girls will play in a minimum of four NCAA division one live exposure events.

Players who commit to all three components can expect to be a much better player at the end of the summer!